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World class coach

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Owner of the Daru Strong Brand/ Daru Strong Performance Center

Ex MMA fighter 

EX Division 1 Football  Player 

Degree in Sports Medicine and Sports Science

CFSC, ISSA-KMS, FRCms Certifications

Strength & Conditioning Coach of olympic athletes

Best Strength and Conditioning Coach in the State of Florida

World MMA Awards Trainer of the Year - 2019


For years, Phil has worked with some of the most elite athletes and fighters in the world such as: Joanna Jedrzejczyk, Dustin Poirier, Jr. Dos Santos, King Mo Lawal, Tecia Torres, Colby Covington and more than 80 Pro fighters each week. Phil’s resume also includes World renowned celebrities, NFL players, World Champion Boxers, UFC fighters and Olympic athletes. For over 10 years, Phil has been training the top athletes because of his ability to improve performance such as power, velocity, speed, agility, mobility, and endurance.

He was mentored by the infamous Louie Simmons himself in his legendary Westside Barbell.

Joe de Franco, Loren Landow, Joel Jamieson, Brian McKenzie, Mike Dolce, Andy Galpin are some names which can be associated, some have influenced him and his methods and other with whom he related.

When it comes to combat sports training along with strength and conditioning, Phil is the best in the industry.

He created a versatile and flexible training system influenced and/or adapting methods and techniques provided in the most diverse fields of sports sciences that allow to respond to the most adverse demands of modern sports competition, namely MMA.



Strength and Conditioning "Brainiac"

  • Facebook - círculo cinza
  • Instagram - Cinza Círculo

Strength and Conditioning coach and MMA coach

Bachelors in Sports and Exercise at Deakin’s University, Australia

Australian Strength and Conditioning Association Coach – Level 2

Sport Scientist/Assistant Strength and Conditioning coach at Daru Strong Performance

Head Strength and Conditioning coach & sports scientist out of Absolute MMA and Conditioning

Royal Marine Commando and former Muay Thai fighter with a record of 8 wins, 2 defeats and 1 tie in Thailand.

Dan Howard is a strength and conditioning coach & sports scientist out of Absolute MMA and Conditioning. Building athletes, training protocols and martial arts periodization from the ground up, ensuring all athletes are ready to reach the next level.

Known for its obsession to combat sports strength and conditioning and a more analytical interpretation of training, its strengths relly on evaluation and monitoring, the use of the data collected in the service of a better planning and periodization in combat sports performance. He is known for allying the use of technology to training.

For years Dan has been head strength and conditioning coach at Absolute MMA in Australia, he was then invited to collaborate with Phil Daru to help him in the training camp of interim UFC Lightweight Champion Dustin “The Diamond” Poirier for his bout with Khabib Nurmagomedov back in 2019, since then he moved to permanently work with Phil Daru at his Daru Strong Performance Center.

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