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A weekend dedicated to learning new tools and theoretical and practical skills in training methodologies in the area of Strength and Conditioning with excellent speakers in an environment conducive to promoting networking.

Come and participate in a unique seminar with content tailored by you, learn exclusive knowledge by watching theoretical sessions and apply it in practice. Interact with the speakers and share experiences with other participants, increasing your network.

What can this seminar add to those who participate?

Unique opportunity to learn from two of the best coaches in the world

Increase knowledge about new approaches, methodologies and techniques that are exclusive to elite coaches

Improve knowledge in order to be able to plan and control the training process in the context of sports performance, nutrition and recovery

Intervene in the improvement of sport performance of athletes

Incorporate new trends / technological tools in Strength and Conditioning training

Learn to use technology to monitor and manage training loads

Evaluate, plan and control Sports training

Know how to prevent and control sports injuries

Learn to prescribe and implement exercises to prevent sports injuries

Know more about nutrition for sports (with focus on combat sports)

Understand the condensed conjugate method and its practical application in an individual or team context

Learn about an effective and integrative training system used in high performance athletes

Learn to evaluate and interpret measures of strength, power, speed

Learn to prescribe, plan and periodize strength and power training

How can it boost your professional experience?

A two-day program with personalized content (chosen by you);

Professional improvement

CV's valorization

Elevate your career and your clients’ success

Broaden your vision about S&C training and be informed about new trends, tools and training methodologies

Increase your Networking - You will be with people with the same interests, but with different experiences and projects

Excellent opportunity for those who want to use the insights to apply or build a project

Be able to interact with the Speakers - Round Table (registration during the event with limited places!)

Dinner with guests

Meet the brands that will be at the event

Ideas to grow your business

Business perspective on your work

list of contents

In this training course, in addition to the classic strength training, we will also approach functional training and joint mobility/stability work, which can be used in the context of optimizing sports performance and in the context of exercise and health.

Techniques and technologies of evaluation and measurement will be presented, in the certainty that only with an accurate evaluation it is possible to prescribe individualized and effective programs.


Assessment and evaluation

Combat sports performance periodization

Nutrition guidelines

Special exercises for combat sports performance

Condensed conjugate  method over view

How to grow and lead a team

Business development for strength coaches

How to use social media market to grow your brand


Mobility for recovery and restoration

Warm up drills for performance

Explosive power and plyometric progressions

3 methods of strength training

You will be able to choose from all this topics and add others you feel that are important for you.

How does enrollment work?

Choose which ticket you want, read and accept the terms and conditions and make the payment. You will then receive
a confirmation email and
the e-ticket.


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When you receive the confirmation email, you will have a link to our registration form. In this form you can choose the contents of the seminar and we will ask you some characterization questions for networking.


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