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Sports Performance Seminar was born from the love for sports as a philosophy of life, which aims the formation of a pacifist, democratic, humanitarian, cultural and ecological consciousness and attitude through the practice of sports.


We have over a decade of experience in the fitness and training industry creating bridges between different approaches and areas of knowledge and always promoting positive learning experiences.

We believe that the future for sports education lies in the dissemination of knowledge, research, innovation and technology.


We want to add value to the sports education market and enhance lifelong learning, make accessible to the largest number of people the knowledge that is often limited to a small number of professionals and promote the autonomy of professionals and institutions.

"They say we are crazy but we think we live passionately what we do"


Has been working for over 15 years in the fitness and sports training industry. Along this path he has accompanied and helped amateur athletes in their journey to reach professional level, he has some medals in his curriculum including some world titles, but he assumes that he is not in the sport to count podiums, but to share his experiences.



Have been working as a trainer and consultant in the Social and Education field as well as in the business sector for more than 20 years and on this path she has embraced projects and created her own, mentoring, managing, coordinating and/or financing each one of them. Those who know her say she can't stand still and has a very special attention to detail.



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